7 Tenets To Use Organic Content To Grow Your Business Effectively

The top 7 tips on how you can use organic content to grow your business

Shan Liew

5/30/20235 min read

person using both laptop and smartphone
person using both laptop and smartphone

7 Tenets To Use Organic Content To Grow Your Business Effectively

Well, here’s the truth. As powerful as paid advertising strategies work, there’s one huge problem. What’s the problem? Good question. And the answer is pretty simple, and that’s because advertising platforms are charging more and more as time goes by.

I mean, just take a look at this graph right here:

a chart showing the increasing spending on digital ads worldwide
a chart showing the increasing spending on digital ads worldwide

People are spending more on digital ads than ever before, and the industry estimates that this will continue to rise to $835.82 BILLION US dollars in 2026, which is a whopping 59.97% increase in just a time span of 5 years.

But why does this translate to higher ad costs? Well, it’s also pretty simple. That is because of the way advertising platforms such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads charge for their ads.

The costs of ads usually boil down to this feature called ‘ad auctions’. No, not the kind of auctions where you bid to get that centuries old rare painting. Rather, the way ad auctions work is that these advertising platforms (e.g. Facebook/Google) allow media buyers to place their bids to get their ads ranked higher on the platforms.

With more and more businesses who are willing to spend more on advertising yearly, guess what? The bids go up! If you don’t keep up, you’re probably going to end up having your ads at the very bottom of the page where no one will see it!

But here’s the good news.

Paid advertising isn’t the ONLY way to grow your business. In fact, the real deadly combo is when you make organic content that complements your paid advertising strategies.

Here are the 7 tenets for growing your business effectively using organic content:

#1 Give more value for free than you ever thought possible

“Give away the secrets, sell the implementation.” - Alex Hormozi, serial entrepreneur and author of $100M Offers.

If you’re a business, you want to be giving away as many of your secrets that can help and are extremely valuable to your ideal customers.


It’s simple. Most people are so sceptical about advertising today that if you straight out ask for a sale, it’s like asking to marry a girl on the first date. A huge no no.

P.S. This is probably the number one strategy which helped Alex Hormozi skyrocket in popularity and became viral on social media in a short time.

#2 Build a strong brand presence

Research your target audience, find out their hopes, dreams, fears, desires, and most importantly, their values. Once you find out what they value and what they believe in, position yourself as a thought leader for them so they can resonate with you.

Here’s one principle you need to understand - people buy on emotions and justify with logic.

If BMW and Porsche were to release the exact same car, Porsche could still easily charge much more than BMW. And that’s not because they have a better car, but because of what the brand represents.

The easiest way to replicate this in your business is by creating content which resonates well with your ideal customer.

#3 Post content consistently

Here’s the ugly truth. You can post the best content consistently for weeks and months on end, and end up having mediocre results.

Does this mean you should give it up totally? No. While you may not see results yet, the machine and algorithm is slowly building up to work in your favour as you continue to post valuable consistently without giving up.

With organic content, the only way to truly lose is by quitting.

#4 Have an omnichannel presence

Ever heard the phrase, “A man with a hammer looks at every problem like a nail?”. You don’t want to be that man.

With a ton of social media platforms out there, you don’t want to be the one-trick pony! While you don’t have to necessarily be on all of them, it is vital that you at least establish your brand on a minimum of 3 platforms. This way, you can reach more of your dream customers who are already hanging out there!

#5 Nurture your audience effectively

Nurturing your audience is actually pretty simple, yet powerful. You can nurture your audience by giving them valuable content which addresses their pain points and their interests, as stated in tenet #1.

But how can you up your lead nurture game?

Most importantly, you want to give them personalised communication. The stats don’t lie, 80% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase from a brand that provides them a personalised experience.

Besides that, you also want to be constantly engaged with your target audience all the time. Respond with them, ask them questions, and find out what they want. Then, you give it to them as a bonus!

If you want to find out how you can earn $42 for every $1 using this secret lead nurturing method, here’s a bonus article on how you can nurture your audience effectively.

#6 Build relationships with people in your niche, and start collaborating with them

One of the strongest strategies for this is the ‘Dream 100’ list popularised by Chet Holmes, who worked under Charlie Munger.

Here’s how the strategy works. You identify the people who are in the same niche as you, and list 100 of them who you think would help you the most to build your brand.

After that, you reach out to them in a genuine, sincere way and find a way to provide value to them. This can be done even with even a simple compliment about how their content has helped you in some way!

Once you become friends with other brands or influencers, you can start leveraging their audience by doing guest appearances on their platform, which will guide their audience to learn more about you and your brand!

Easier said than done, but yet deadly effective if done.

#7 Harness the power of user-generated content (UGC)

Encourage and incentivize your audience to post about you and your products. But truly the only way to do this is by following tenet #1, and to deliver massive value to your audience via your content, so much that they feel obligated to return the favour back to you.

Another powerful way to use UGC is by encouraging your customers to post their testimonials and showcase them on your website. This builds massive credibility in the eyes of your future prospects.

Organic content has always been a huge challenge for many marketers, especially with the low barrier to entry and huge amount of competitors swarming in to capture more people’s attention.

Nevertheless, it remains to be one of the most powerful long-term strategies for establishing a brand name in the marketplace.

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Chart showing the increasing spending on digital ads
Chart showing the increasing spending on digital ads